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ice maker machine repairs, commercial ice maker machine repairs
commercial ice maker machine, repairsWelcome !

In our time we have done repairs and maintenance to all kinds of ice maker machines. All shapes and sizes. With over 42 years industry experience, we have achieved something that most companies dream of … and that is solidarity among individual technical minds and efficiency in everything we do.

GUARANTEED! Freeze Logic only source trusted branded products which are tested and proven in quality.

commercial ice maker machine, repairs

Below are just some of the makes that we support here in South Africa:


If your Ice Machine brand is not listed above, that doesn’t mean we don’t support it – if we can find spares in South Africa, service will be quicker, if we have to order spares from abroad, then you can expect a bit of a waiting time for the spares to arrive, but don’t worry, usually most spares are available in South Africa

Professional service with a 1 year warranty on the work done. We are prepared to do single or multiple repairs and to sign maintenance / service agreements.

commercial ice maker machine, repairs

If you have any questions, simply contact us or fill out the SERVICE REQUEST form below

Please note that we have a call out and booking fee of R870.00 + VAT. This fee will be deducted from the total if the quote is accepted.

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commercial ice maker machine, repairs

Please note that our callout fee has increased from R650.00 to R870.00 exclusive of VAT – effective 01.04.2020