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We have over 42 years industry experience and we are the logical choice when it comes to commercial refrigeration, HVAC system and Ice Maker Machines.

We offer services such as installations, repairs, maintenance and servicing of HVAC, Building Climate Control and Central AC systems.

We also offer the same services for Cold Rooms, Freezer Rooms, Blast Freezers, Island Freezers, Drop Temperature Rooms, Under Bar Fridges, Coke Fridges, Display Fridges, Dairy Fridges and Ice Maker Machines.

There is a callout and booking fee of R1200 + VAT, but that fee doesn’t get charged if the repair quote is accepted. Also please note that the callout fee will have to be paid before we come out, if the location exceeds a 20km radius. Later, if the quote is accepted, the callout fee will go toward the repair cost..

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